"I once considered as unrealistic stories and movies in which lovers crazed by unfulfilled love hold hands and jump off cliffs. Not any more. I now know there is no limit to what lovers can do when in the frenzy of their passion. I am afflicted. No, I am definitely not thinking of jumping off cliffs. Instead I want to do something even more frightening than that… "

Sister’s Love is a short romantic visual novel describing the developing feelings between the sister – Mahesh – and her elder brother – Mano. Having such a strong feelings towards her brother, Mahesh finds no one who can be even a little bit compared to Mano. So she wishes to make him hers. Due to a society and their parents, couple has no other choice, but to keep their relationship a secret: as long as that is possible..


  • unusual narrative format
  • atmospheric scenery
  • small-sized intriguing story
  • nice background music

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Sister’s Love

Being in love with one`s brother is against nature, they say. Religions prohibit it, and it is against law of this land. All very good reasons to steer clear of it, but I have totally no control over my feelings...

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