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SixGenerals | 六小将传说

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[SixGenerals] is a turn-based three elimination game. The game uses three eliminations as the basic operating tactics. According to the life story of historical figures, each of the generals is equipped with a proprietary calculation method. The three eliminations match the generals skills to compete for the three countries and realize their grand plan of dominance in the hearty battle.

Here are some practical lineups:

Formation: One Commander + Four Tigers
Characteristics: After the commander attacked, Tigerson subsequently attacked and 5 people hit one person.

Formation: 貂蝉 + high-output generals (infantry) + plus physical generals (commander)
Features: 貂蝉 [Huan Yan] makes comrades (infantry) attack, the commander adds physical strength to promote [Huan Yan] continue to trigger

Formation: Pang Tong + high output generals (cavalry)
Features: Pang Tong [iron chain] links all enemies, causing every damage

Formation: Yuan Shao (Yi Yi) + All Archers
Features: 【Million arrow hair (covered main)】 so that the archer shot probability increased significantly, each shooting shot 2 times.

Formation: Zhou Tai + multiple commanders
Features: The more the commander is, the higher the skill of Zhou Tai is. The guardian protects the commander and the commander is not injured. The calendar warfare is reborn and he chooses different attributes to command and exert different effects.

Formation: Guo Jia (Zhou Yu) + other generals
Features: Guo Jia cooperates with Dong Zhuo and Guo Jia. [Observation] After the enemy fights, 1-2 people will be in the end, and Zhou Yu [anti-between] will make the enemy fight and the next one.

6 kinds of occupations, hundreds of skills, unlimited combinations, waiting for you to challenge!

Second, the main gameplay is as follows:
◆ Completion of various achievements to get the three countries famous (see the book can find the source of generals).
◆ More than 100 cross-border battle maps, each map is divided into ordinary, difficult, nightmare difficulty, get the generals and equipment fragments
◆ In the battle of influence, 60 cities competed with multiple players for the world, winning silver tickets, exploits, and ingots.
◆ 50-tier trial tower to challenge the players, access to some equipment and generals.
◆ Provides real-time competitive systems and good friends’ competitive systems for global players to win ingots.
◆ The military will build resources, coins, and ingots.
◆ Complete daily tasks to obtain multiple resources.

Third, the battles in each round are ever-changing, and different stations have different results. They can win with weaknesses and win surprises. They can’t do anything but can’t think of them.

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SixGenerals | 六小将传说

This is a Three Kingdoms strategy game to eliminate the class, here through various ways to obtain the Three Kingdoms, in the battle through the elimination of the same block and the martial arts plan combination to win, complete the Three Kingdoms. The generals are divided into 6 kinds of occupation, each generals has 4 unique skills, the combination of the myriads of changes to challenge you.

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