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VR Skills Hockey provides a variety of hockey experiences for you to explore. It includes 4 game modes that allow you to test your skills as a goaltender, shooting accuracy, and enforcement.

Goaltending Mode – test your skills between the pipes and see how many consecutive saves you can make. You can adjust the shot speed range from the game menu, the low-speed option is the lowest shot speed you can expect, the high-speed option will be the fastest shots you will face.

Shooting Mode – Test your shot accuracy from around the rink and score as many goals as you can. You can look to set the record for hardest shot, the stick can be used with one hand or two for a more realistic feel. You can spawn as many pucks or street hockey balls as you can handle.

Enforcement Mode – Working your way through the minors is tough, right? What better way to get noticed than by laying the body to someone skating with their head down? In this mode, you are free to bodycheck as many people as possible and try and take the title for the furthest hit!

The Streets – A fun, no rules level that you are free to explore and shoot on a street hockey goalie. Find various objects to shoot around from the driveways, rooftops, or anywhere else that you can find!

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Skills Hockey VR

Discover the world of VR Hockey! Shoot some pucks, make some saves, and play the body hard!

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