Battle the enemy in SKIMMERZ with the most powerful machine available. Turn the tide of the game in your favour but be careful not to be destroyed yourself as you may find yourself on the brink of losing.

Defend the power core on your own against hordes of enemies in up to 100 waves of power core defence with ever increasing foes per wave or go head to head in battle with up to 50v50 action. Just make sure to have your skimmer tuned to the task in order to survive.

Unlock new Skimmerz by completing 3 rounds without a loss with any of your unlocked Skimmerz then take them into your next battle. Each Skimmer has 2 unique abilities, different handling and their own exclusive weapon such as lasers, machine guns, cannons and 2 shot launchers.

Take your Skimmer into the ‘Custom Match’ mode at any time to play on a map of your choice with up to 100 bots to practice your skills or challenge yourself defending the power cores.


  • Fight with up to 100 bots in custom match.
  • Tune your skimmer adjusting the abilities, speed and health bonuses.
  • Includes 12 unique maps.
  • Use Free Camera mode to spectate epic bot matches.
  • 5 Skimmerz to unlock and battle with.
  • Take your unlocked Skimmerz into a custom match whenever you want.
  • Native 21:9 support.
  • Ultra low mode for the highest performance.
  • Not an asset flip.

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Battle the enemy 3 rounds at a time in SKIMMERZ. Utilise game changing abilities to turn the tide and unlock each unique skimmer as you progress through colourful arena style maps.

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