The story of "smart boy" takes place in a school. A sinister teacher sets many difficulties for a little boy. Let’s overcome these difficulties!

Game list:
1. A total of 15 game scenes, each game scene requires the player through the keyboard keys to complete the specified requirements.
2. Each game scene has 3 levels, a total of 45 different game experience.
3. The level of each game scene has been carefully designed 100% can be passed.

Game highlights:
1. Each game level is divided into three levels, the first level is the easiest, the second level is more difficult, the third level is the most difficult.
2. The third level of each task is a test of the player, make sure you will not smash your mouse or keyboard.
3. The current level must be passed in order to unlock the next level.
4. Players will face numerous failures, please be mentally prepared.

Play introduction:
1. After entering each game level will be prompted, these tips will tell the player what to do.
2. The scene of the game buttons will sometimes change, please be sure to read the tips.

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A smart young boy will face a lot of difficulties set by the teacher. Can he pass it?

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