Your spaceship returned to Earth.

There’s no welcome home party. No cheers. No applauses. No one.

The planet looks dark and dead, and no transmission of any kind can be detected.

Meanwhile a half-broken Dyson Sphere floats in the sky, covering what’s left of the sun.

It doesn’t matter much any more.

You have to land now – despite of a functional fusion engine, but the tritium energy core is depleting fast and wouldn’t make it back to the green planet you discovered.

After landing, the ship scanned all possible communication channels across the globe but only detected one weak signal. With the ship fuel depleted, there’s no more other choice. You decide to help the ground survivors trace the weak signal, in hopes of finding an answer, and a way to escape Earth.

Full Game Features
– 2 Game Modes
– 6 game worlds
– 60 handcrafted levels
– 7 playable heroes with unique skills
– 20+ different weapon (ranged/melee)
– Steam leaderboard
– Steam achievements

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The story is set in the far future. Earth is in ruins. The survivors are tracing the last detectable radio signal on Earth through strange portals and waves of different lifeforms across the lands, in hopes of finding an answer, and a way to escape Earth.

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