Being a shepherd is my escapist fantasy. I don't really want to be a shepherd, I know it's no easy job. But there are some moments where I just want to leave making computer games behind. Do real work with my hands. SOLITUNE is about these moments. Being not yourself. Wanting to leave.

Move from space to space and help out the others.

Every room has a unique song by Ludwig Hanisch!

"They show me something weird and/or surprising I'd not seen before. It's awful pretty too." ~ by Alice O'Connor on RPS

"With any luck, either Reinhardt or someone who plays her game, can turn that fantasy into a reality." ~ by Chris Priestman on Killscreen

"All of this is delightfully strange." ~ by Thomas Faust on

"I bloody love the look of it." ~ by Tom Sykes on

Find the blog with all my inspirations and WIP pictures here. If you want to know anything about why we created a shepherd game, read this post.

Design and idea: @RottenHedgehog
Programming: @RatKingsLair

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A short escapist game about shepherding.

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