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Solmec: Hollow Planet

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The origin planet of the Ankazil has been found, but a cure for the Rot is still needed. Before the Solmec can find a cure for their spacefaring homes, they must first find the root of the disease. A young warrior is sent to explore Creedor, told to uncover the mysteries of the Ankazil and the elusive society of Creators. With this information, it is hoped a cure will be uncovered – before it’s too late, and the Ankazil are lost for good. Play as Soledad, the lone Solmec warrior, as he searches to find the truth behind the looming Rot, with help from your companion, Pixano, in this new puzzle platformer.

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Solmec: Hollow Planet

Solmec: Hollow Planet is an adventure game where you play as Soledad, a lone Solmec warrior exploring an ancient, lost planet. His task is to find a cure for the Rot that is killing the Ankazil – spacefaring beasts that are home to the Solmec. With his newfound companion, Pixano, Soledad must explore Creedor and uncover the truth in this new puzzle platformer.

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