The Backstory

You are the famous song samurai, training in solitude to hone your skills. A dragon is attacking your dojo. You must put your life on the line and defend your home!

This game is a Virtual Reality Experience that will put you in the middle of Feudal Japan where you must use the Vive Controllers as your swords. Build up an attack streak and take down your foe, Dragon attacking your Dojo.

In game you will use a simple file browser to load any of your owned favorite songs, and then pick a difficulty to jam out to as you attempt to stop the dragon.

Additional Features Coming Soon…

– Choose from additional sword models!

– High Score Boards

– Integration with Spotify …maybe?

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Song Samurai

Become the Song Samurai, and accept your sacred oath of defending your dojo. Accept the challenge posed to your land by the Dragon of ice and fire. Take up your swords and fulfill your destiny.

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