An eerie presence has started to drift over the local town. Given the history of soul eating monsters lurking in the region, you set out with your high tech weapons to the likely source, perfectly preserved ruins near the graveyard.

You are the only one who can stand in their way. Can you stop the monsters and save the souls of the townspeople?

Game Modes
Survival Mode: Survive for as long as possible in easy or normal level difficulty. Explore, break through walls and unlock new areas as you destroy waves of increasingly powerful monsters with your plasma gun and proximity grenades. Once all of the areas have been unlocked, you have a choice of whether to continue to fight more waves of monsters, or even attempt to fight the boss.

Boss Mode: Once all of the areas have been unlocked, a secret passage will be revealed. Only then you will have the option to fight the boss and his minions head on.

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Soul Survival

Defend yourself against soul eating monsters using high tech weapons. Fight against the monsters and enter the secret passage to battle the boss. Can you destroy the monsters before they break through the walls of the ruins and destroy the souls of the local townspeople?

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