Souland is an indie game which is pixel-art style strategy game.

There are many nations in Souland that you need to choose one to occupy and destroy other nations.

Each nation has several regions, each region has an army, and each battle must crush each other’s fortress, or destroy all soldiers in each other’s region, do one of them, then victory.

The number of soldiers in the troops is limited.
After a battle, the region will be owned by the winner. If all the regions owned by a nation were occupied, that nation is eliminated.

The battle can only be started by yourself. The other nations will not take the initiative to attack your army. However, if you win in a battle, the region will be owned by you. If you fail, the region will instead be owned by each other. So you may ask for trouble by just starting a war.

Key Features:

  • 20 nations.
  • Each nation has 18 common weapon types(7 light, 7 heavy, 4 range) and 6 special weapon types(unable in Early Access) to use, primarily to increase game tactics. ATK, attack speed, attack range, KB as well as debuff, etc. for each weapon are not the same.
  • Hidden nations in the "SELECT NATION" page can be visible through the special operation by your luck. In fact, it is not difficult to find 🙂
  • Better AI to let you to play more funny.
  • Online battle may be added later.

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There are many nations in Souland, and you will be one of them. Can you beat all other nations?

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