Soundscape is your own private music venue, a mind-blowing audiovisual experience, and the next evolution of music visualizers. For the very first time, take YOUR music inside Soundscape and play ANY song from ANY music service to immerse yourself inside a brand-new 360 degree world of breathtaking visuals beyond that of any live show or music festival you have ever experienced. Use your motion controllers to effortlessly create and modify the visuals with a new seamless control scheme that allows your eyes to stay focused on the action without having to dig through menus. Lights, lasers, particles, and many other effects will come to life at your touch as you teleport through space and create an endless combinations of visuals. You haven’t heard your favorite songs until you’ve experienced them in Soundscape.

If you have ever been to a music festival, you will feel right at home in Soundscape. Although being created for electronic music, it works well with many other genres with an optimal BPM of 90-150. Soundscape allows you to easily control the pattern, color, strobe, rotation, speed, and scale of lights along with other special bonus effects. You’ll also control various fireworks, glowsticks, trails of neon light, sparks, and a massive flamethrower. Watch the particles ricochet around the environment as gravity warps to different levels and your cosmic environment shifts from one galaxy to another.

The launch of Soundscape is only the beginning of what’s to come. It’s much more than just a music visualizer, but a new platform for music experiences across the globe. Ever had a new song you were addicted to and couldn’t wait to share with a friend? Coming 2018 you will be able to connect with them directly and listen to any song simultaneously – together, all while dancing in VR, chatting, and creating incredible visuals for one another. Or just create and DJ your own virtual party to find strangers who love the same artists as you do. The future of music and VR are looking very bright.

Soundscape can be enjoyed sitting, standing, or even lying on your back. Teleportation movement allows you to pick your ideal vantage point anywhere in-game. Soundscape strips away all the inconveniences of the modern music experience – waiting in line, aggressive security, expensive drinks, poor visibility and audio equipment – and puts the power in your hands instead.

Soundscape is a cutting-edge virtual reality visual experience, choose your graphics options wisely in-game. Similar to Crysis when it was released in 2007, GPU hardware does simply not yet exist to drive Soundscape to it’s maximum potential. Even a 1080ti will not be able to supersample significantly due to the extreme nature of the layers of visuals and the variability of how each person chooses to play the game.

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Get teleported to a psychedelic world of music and light in this brand-new VR experience. Take in the dazzling visual spectacle as you make the world light up to your music, then utilize your motion controllers to go even deeper. Don't just watch the experience, create it!

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