About the game:

Once the RSS planet began to fade, and even the best scientists could not understand what was happening. But one person was able to find out what was going on and find a cure for the virus. The planet’s population gathered their entire army and sent to the planet "Allan" to find the medicine there. After a successful operation, on the way back home a terrible space hurricane destroyed almost everyone. Part of the capsules with the medicine disappeared, and the other got into a tunnel called "Vomit".
Find the spheres with the medicine and save the planet from extinction!

Feature of game:

  • Pleasant and easy control of the spacecraft.
  • Increase the difficulty level during the game.
  • Fantastic atmosphere.

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Space Vomit

3363 year after our era. Only one colony of people remained on the planet RSS. You are the only surviving pilot on the P-52 Mustang. You must collect all the spheres with medicine and fly out of this endless tunnel called "Vomit", deliver the medicine and save the planet RSS!

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