Can your astronauts survive?
Two astronauts have crashed on an asteroid. Their ship is destroyed. Together they must explore an abandoned mining facility in search of an escape. The catch? They share an oxygen tether. If one astronaut dies or the tether breaks, they both die.

Face brutally-difficult puzzles alone or with a friend.
In spaceBOUND, players solve challenging motion and physics-based puzzles while avoiding deadly obstacles in zero-gravity. Delve the depths of the mining facility by yourself, or work with a friend to solve each level’s mysteries and get your astronauts out alive.

Blast off to the past.
spaceBOUND takes players back to the golden era of retro gaming. The game is 16-bit through-and-through, from its artwork and design to the unforgiving puzzle and motion-challenge difficulty.


  • Solo or Co-op gameplay (local co-op and online). Online available at full launch.
  • Hidden collectables, unlockable character skins, and player achievements.
  • Time Trial mode to challenge hardcore players. Compete with others using the online leader-board.
  • Grab a friend! spaceBOUND supports up to two controllers for local co-op play.
  • A steep difficulty that punishes players in new and unexpected ways as they advance. Think and act quickly, or your astronauts may die. Over and over.
  • Five ultra-hard boss levels that put reflexes, skill, and cooperation to the ultimate test.
  • Timeless 16-bit artwork and effects designed to evoke a past era of classic gaming.
  • Progressive puzzles that require learning, adapting, and solving varied challenges in rapid succession.
  • An intense and atmospheric ambient score in the style of classic action and science fiction thrillers.
  • Many, many gruesome ways to die: asteroids; deadly lasers; gears and saws that shred everything in sight; electric ropes; lock-on turrets; pulverising smashers; gravity beams; and other deep space horrors nearly beyond comprehension.

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spaceBOUND is a brutally challenging puzzle-platformer, set in a zero-gravity environment. Stranded and bound by their oxygen tether, two astronauts must work together to make it out alive.
Go in alone, or team up and face the unknown.

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