What is Sparkour?

Sparkour is a game all about speed, agility, and on-the-fly strategy. Use your sick parkour tricks and various power-ups to speed into victory! Against your friends, bots, or strangers, use traps, projectiles and more to stop them in their tracks. Or, chain together multiple, stylish skills to build up speed and boost right through them.

Use these skills together and become the ultimate human projectile, in the most intense, stylistic, and frienemy-forming battle of your life!


  • A First-Person Platforming/Racing hybrid.
  • Play with your friends, strangers, or even computer players.
  • Perform trick-chains to gather up speed!
  • Use various power-ups against your opponents!
  • Find all the secret paths in the maps to gain the ultimate advantage!
  • Show off your style with different colors, clothes, and builds.
  • Featuring an amazing set of bouncy tunes by iamsleepless!

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Sparkour is a 4-Player First-Person Racing game, where you and your friends use speed, agility, and strategy to boost yourself across the finish line!

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