Enter the 3D world as Splat the Blob to aid a wacky elephant. Help Wilbur the elephant collect atoms and in return he will show you new skills and zones to explore. Meet cute and wacky characters along the way as you hone your skills in maneuvering Splat through challenging obstacles. Splat the Blob is arguably is this year’s 76th most anticipated blob splatting game!


  • Unlockable Splat skins
  • Unlockable zones
  • Unlockable skills
  • Collectables
  • Irate bosses
  • Challanging Obstacles
  • Tower Climb Minigame

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Splat the Blob

Join Splat the Blob on a cute adventure of helping Wilbur the elephant. Unlock new skills and zones by tackling obstacles and climbing to the top of the world.

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