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StarShip Constructor

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《StarShip Constructor》Early Access Coming Soon

Since "StarShip Constructor" got Greenlit in November 2016,we have made a lot of improvements and fixes to this game.
And it’s ready to be released in July 19/20 2017 as an "Early Access" version.

About the Game

Galaxy is on fire,only you can save it!
Design your own spaceship, defeat rebels and pirates cross galaxy!
Gorgeous explosions and barrage will get you into the world of StarShip Constructor.
Completely destructive spaceships, you can experience the excitement of the shot your target ship into pieces.

Over 20 Modules you can install on your ship

  • The Fusion Generator that generate power for spaceship;
  • The Energy Tanks that store energy for ship modules and weapons;
  • The Armor that protect your spaceship in combat;
  • The CargoHold that carry your cargo;
  • The Weapon Slot witch you can install weapons on;
  • The Shield System that protect the ship’s structure with energy;
  • The Thrusters that push the spaceship forward…

Customize your ship

  • Machine Gun that shot 600 rounds per minute
  • Nuclear Warhead that can destroy your targets.
  • Cooling System that cool down your weapons,and increase firing rate.
  • Gravity Generator that can generate a gravity field,and push everything near by into it. Even your bullets!…

There are over 30 Weapons and equipment you can buy to equip your own ship.


  • Design your own spaceship;
  • Over 20 ship modules;
  • Over 30 weapons and equipment;
  • The unique special weapon system,you can release special weapons at the right time to change the combat situation;
  • Completely destructive spaceships;
  • Gorgeous explosions and particle effects;
  • Mining;
  • Collision damage and collision effects;

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StarShip Constructor

Galaxy is on fire! Only you can save it!
More than 20 modules and even more weapons and equipment,you can design your own spaceship and defeat the most powerful ships in galaxy!

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