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Starship Survivor

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Aboard the starship Ouroboros you wake up from cryogenic sleep. As the sole ex-Consortium crewmember, you were not injected with the test of loyalty serum. Your friends were not so lucky. The active virus in the serum mutated and transformed them into abhorrent monsters. The ship has turned against you. Your mission? Travel to the event horizon and leverage the crystal power source to travel back in time to before the tragic events that killed your family.

Rooms have gone dark – it’s up to you to turn the lights back on, collect blueprints and create tower defenses. Equipped with guns, a sword, and an energy suit, you become more powerful as you collect more crystals.

Built from the ground up for virtual reality, Starship Survivor will immerse you in an action-packed experience you will not forget easily.

Cool Features:
– Full Resource Management System
– Crystals make your weapons and armor more powerful
– Research and build a variety of towers to defend the rooms you have conquered
– Time travel generates new spaceship layouts through procedural algorithms, making each game a unique challenge

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Starship Survivor

Starship Survivor is a VR game built from the ground up to deliver exciting action combat gameplay with elements of strategy and tower defense. Set in an alien-type thriller environment with dark rooms, your mission is to restore power to the very ship that turned against you.

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