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Steel Arena: Robot War

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Years ago humans have encountered an android species that appear to be more than violent, cruel killers.
Today you are one of the robotic machines from the army on the Earth. It is the first strike on our enemies and we really need your help to win.

You can choose one of two modes:

  • Team fight – kill together as many enemies as you can in limited time;
  • Survival – stop the endless waves of enemies, and your allies will help you.

How long can you stand against all these enemies?

Key features:

  • 2 game modes: team fight and survival
  • Upgradeable robot and weapons
  • Several types of enemies, which differ with each other by look and power

Remember that, despite everything, we must have soldiers backs. Take care, bro.

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Steel Arena: Robot War

You're one of the most powerful army of robots on Earth. Your mission is to protect the planet and restore peace as fast as possible. Fight off an attack of enemies and lead your army to victory!

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