Stellar Warrior

Stellar Warrior is an upscrolling spaceshooter where you sit with Cel. Ashgur in an adventure through different planets against hordes of intergalactic enemies. Your ship is equipped with an upgradable machine gun, a charging shot and a shield, but Ashgur knows that the stolen secrets can give much more power, and certainly you will need that to vanquish that filthy traitor and its leaders.

Destroy enemy to collect items to upgrade your weapons!
Use your shield to avoid close danger!


In a distant galaxy, in a kingdom wrought by wars, lies a planet that holds an ancestral secret.
After years of incessant attacks and a greedy traitor, the enemy managed to steal this secret.
As the entire space fleet was battling for the safety of all planets, an old intergalactic retired pilot, Colonel Ashgur, was left to recover the treasures from the enemy’s grasp and bring the traitor to justice.

-Controller support for both players
or using Keyboard

for player1:
– WASD – Move Ship
– Left Ctrl – Standard Shot
– Left Alt – Shield
– Hold Left Shift + Left Ctrl = Charged Shot
– 1, 2, 3 and 4 – Special Weapons

for player2:
– Arrow keys – Move Ship
– Right Ctrl – Standard Shot
– Keypad 0 – Shield
– Hold Right Shift + Right Ctrl = Charged Shot
– Keypad 1, 2, 3 and 4 – Special Weapons


*2 players cooperative mode

*4 differents special weapons

*Main weapon have 10 level of upgrade.

*6 differents levels with unique enemies and bosses

*Upscroll shooter with bullet-hell gameplay style

*Steam Leaderboard

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Stellar Warrior

Stellar Warrior is a classic upscrolling spaceshooter for one or two players in a bullet-hell gameplay style! rank up to get to the best score on the Steam leaderboards and unlock all the achievements!

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