Is it easy to be a god? Especially when your creations hate you and rebel against you? Negotiations are useless, it’s time to act!
Don’t let them build the portal temple.
Avoid destruction of your Totem.
Upgrade the power of your deadly skills.
Use all of your deity power arsenal to crush their rebellion!
Smash the disobedient stickment with meteorite, or freeze them and break into pieces. Burn them with lightning and thunder… Or take your fate in your own hands.
Let them feel the power of wrath of god. Bring Stickmageddon down on their heads!
Attention! Hard difficulty mode is made for true challenge of player’s attention and reaction.

  • Fun and challenging gameplay.
  • Variety of ways to punish puny stickmen.
  • Do not let them build a stairway to your heaven.
  • Killing stickmen is fun.

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Stickmen rebelled against their god, you! They are going to throw you off the heaven. Don't let them do it by bringing Stickmageddon down on their heads. Use and upgrade your god skills to stop them!

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