In StockUp, you play as a first time stock holder.. Starting from the bottom.


• Buy/Sell Stocks: Spend money to purchase stocks. Sell them at any time or never.

• Levels: Your stocks and money carry over as you level up. But the ai becomes more aggressive.

• Goal: Each level has a goal amount. Hit the goal and your move up. Let the ai reach the goal and gameover.

• Save/Load: You can save and load the game at any point.

• News/Tips: Below the stock market you will see info regarding the movement of stocks and boost. You can also see helpful tips there.

• Boost: In the stock market a stock has a 1-9 percent increase or decrease rate depending on that stocks worth. But ai and player stocks have a
chance to receive a 15% increase in worth.

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StockUp is a fun stock simulation game. Start from the bottom and become a stock market king!

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