One day, a boy, Riel, has a nightmare. inside the dream there is a school just like in real where terrifying things continues to happen.
Being chased by a blood-soaked medusa, his friends are killed.
Students foam teams just to fight each other.
…this was a beginning of [Nightmare Game].

After inference of collected hints, they can end this game.
the [Broadcast] will tell about where Hints are, and friends’ death.
they were programmed to bring them to death.

is the [Broadcast] from my mind? and what happened in dreams is connected to reality.
when someone dies in my dream- so do in reality. can Riel finish the game?

Summer Nightmare is a Mystery Survival adventure in dreams, surrounding Riel.
Protect friends, teacher and yourself!

『Those who happen to behold Medusa, are destined to be killed by someone.』

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Summer Nightmare

If one’s imagined world of nightmare and the real world unite….
The hide-and-seek game of death in the world of nightmare begins.
Discover hints and save yourself from the nightmare!

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