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Super Dungeon Boy: Mega Fire

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Super Dungeon Boy: Mega Fire, is even more challenging and flaming! A new version so special that is gonna set your hands in flames. The combats are going to heat up! New freezing skill, a refreshment for you, but petrifying for your enemies. Explore the caves and enchant yourself with the treasures and surprises that await you.

I AM THE BEST! – Show everyone who’s the master of pyrophagia!

What you will find:

  • 26 challenging levels. Each with its own achievement.
  • 72 insane achievements… BELIEVE ME!
  • 78 secret areas… WE DOUBT YOU WILL FIND IT ALL !!!

What you will NOT find:

  • Additional joystick. Additional joystick is NOT included… DO NOT burn yours!
  • NOOB mode. HARD mode is the only game mode available.

Alert! – After seeing so much lava and fire, this game can CAUSE thirstness, drink water !!!

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Super Dungeon Boy: Mega Fire

A retro plataform game with lots of combat against flaming enemies! I challenge you to find all the secret dungeons!

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