These is a clasic platform mario style game. With lots of pixel love put in the sprites for your injoyment of the retro esthetic. With a comic style story
With a dark and lonly theam set in a Colorful or black and white game design. Game play is so retro Mario that its not funny at all with no new anything in the
way the game plays but is that a bad thing. The game features two worlds and about twenty levels at the moment more will be add.

Goribei’s Story Setup
The protagonist is set in a lost mixed world where the darkness grabs at you every night. Festing at the protagonist mind will the mystery unfolds about y
its like these to begain with. -(Store subject to change!!!)

Game Info
-Xbox Controller support
-Mario like
-Retro platformer
-pixeleated fun
-Comic like story
-Contorller Suport
-Achievents will be added
-You can help inprove on the game by giveing inpot

-Hot Keys don’t have controller support

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Super Goribei

Super Goribei is a retro style platformer with a small comic-book like story. All original pixel art made by the Dev. Tyler Kingsbury self proclaimed Artist and is bracking in to the gaming scene with this Mario copy. It's some what hard but you'll have so much fun getting to the goal.

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