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Super Meat Shooter

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Once upon a time…
Look! Here is kingdom! Here is plague which turn people into skinless monsters! All this meat guys is crazy and very dangerous!
You and your girlfriend are simple workers. But you have immunity!
Protect your love and… of course your lives! Go forward!

23 different levels;
thematic variety of locations (dungeons, palaces, barracks, laboratory, train, cemetery, village, castles and many others, include secret rooms);
6 weapons with unique characteristics (shovel, pistol, nail gun, machine gun, bionic alive shotgun and gas shooter);
12 types of enemies – of course, ugly and very dangerous;
a fascinating love story against the background of retro shooter;
an unusual world of strange dream with incredible creatures;
a lot of gore effects;
rhythmic music background;
classic pixel art style;
old school gameplay.

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Super Meat Shooter

Retro first person shooter about love story with ocean of gore effects in an unusual world of strange dream with incredible creatures. 23 different levels, 12 types of enemies, 6 weapons and that's not all!

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