Super Pixel Smash – VR

You have been chosen to compete in the world-renowned sport of Super Pixel Smash! Only the best have answered the call and only the best of the best can hold the crown of SUPER PIXEL SMASHER!

Dive into the competitive world of Super Pixel Smash! Hone your skills by smashing powerful shots at the interactive walls, targeting power-ups for increased scoring, multi-balls, and charged shots! Keep on your toes avoiding the dreaded death panels! Race against the clock to finish each level and achieve the greatest score in the world!

  • Responsive, active gameplay
  • Multiple charged power-ups
  • Fast-paced arcade action
  • Leaderboards to compete against the best
  • Retro 80s styled visuals

Be the Super Pixel Smash Champion in the fast-paced immersive action of Virtual Reality! Rack up massive point combos in this high action, highly addictive, ball smashing, retro-theme arcade awesomeness!

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Super Pixel Smash

Compete in the retro-action world of Super Pixel Smash! Your skills with the Pixel Paddle and Gravity Gauntlet will trigger powerful point combos, super power-ups and extreme charged shots! How long can you hold the title of Super Pixel Smash Champion!

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