A mini-game tribute to President Donald J. Trump!


Some may call this propaganda. Others may say it’s gloating. While those assumptions admittedly may have a shred of truth to them, my hope is that most see this game as I do … as a fun, light-hearted but sincere salute to Donald J. Trump’s amazing and successful run for the U.S. presidency. However people see it, this was just something I had to create … so I did!


This "mini" game consists of 6 “battles” between Donald J. Trump and a handful of the enemies he faced during his campaign, namely:

  • Fake News
  • Southern Border
  • Protesters
  • Hollywood
  • The Swamp
  • "Crooked" Hillary

The gameplay is meant to be more of an entertaining experience than a hard-core gamer challenge but I’ve tried to make it a decent mix of both.

With each battle win players can choose to upgrade their health (HP) for future battles or get more “Winning Coins” to unlock additional hats and outfits.

The first battle is free and if you enjoy it you can purchase the other 5 via the DLC:

Long Live the God Emperor! #MAGA!

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Super POTUS Trump

A "mini" game tribute to Donald J. Trump's amazing and successful run for the U.S. presidency. #MAGA!

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