Super Rock Blasters! is a local multiplayer game inspired by the classic game Asteriods that reworks it into an arena for frantic, chaotic PvP goodness. Ready up a ship, power up your shields and hyperspace to victory. From strategic one-on-one duels to screen exploding four person death matches, Super Rock Blasters is built to create (or destroy) friendships of all kinds.

  • Full controller support, for up to 4 players: Perfect game for sitting down on a couch with a group of friends, just like the old days. However, Quadratron takes no responsibility for what you do after your best friend rams your ship for the umpteenth time.
  • Classic mechanics, updated for modern sensibilities: Asteroids never looked or felt this good before.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master: Simple controls and intuitive design allow anyone to pick up the game and have fun, while more experienced players will enjoy figuring out ever more precise maneuvers to blast their opponents with.
  • AI opponents: Missing a few friends? Or just forever alone? Meatbags no longer necessary; simply put the remaining ships under control of your robot overlords.
  • Customizable settings: Want more asteroids? Longer matches? Random hyperspace? It’s all under your control.

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Super Rock Blasters!

Ready up a space ship and destroy your friends in this frenetic multiplayer Asteroids reimagining! In Super Rock Blasters, up to 4 players will wheel around space rocks, dodge ricocheting bullets and blast each other into tiny neon colored giblets.

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