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Super Toaster X: Learn Japanese RPG

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A Toasterific Adventure:

Finally fulfill your lifelong dream of taking the role of Pan, a sentient japanophile slice of bread and full time bounty hunter. Chase down the most dangerous cybercriminals in a destructive toaster power armor and become the richest (and only) living bread that ever existed.

The Game Features:

Super Toaster X is a roleplaying game which objective is to learn Japanese vocabulary while having fun. The goal is to have dynamic, interactive combat inspired by the Super Mario RPG by Nintendo mixed in with the exploration of the Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios.

It features:
*Randomly generated dungeons

*A unique character progression system based on mastering Japanese vocabulary

*Strategic battles where your survival depends on correctly guessing vocabulary cards.

*Dozens of offensive and defensive abilities each with their own, unique features and effects

*Dozens of various foes with their own strategies and abilities

*A vocabulary card collecting aspect (gotta catch them all!)

A Playable Build

There are currently a few prototypes floating around the web but we’re currently working on polishing our newest build for Greenlight. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Super Toaster X: Learn Japanese RPG

A dungeon crawling RPG to learn Japanese vocabulary.

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