ATTENTION: This game is still under development, we’re gradually increase the gameplay by updating it over the time. Only buy this game if you’re happy with the game current state

Survival Planet is a 3D survival game that focused on surviving, crafting and finding other crew of the starship on the earth like planet called Aldebaran. The player start
as a survivor of the fallen starship who safely landed on the planet using an escape pod. When start the game, player will have only a single axe in his inventory to help him survive the environment. As the player proceed more into the game they will requiered to gather material to craft items such as tools, weapons, clothes, part of building, and more while gathering food and water, avoiding or hunting wild animals, and searching for other survivor.

The game currently features:

– Basic Survival such as hunting, crafting and gathering items
– A single Island map
– 2 kinds of dangerous animals
– Resource like Trees, bushes, stone and crystals

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Survival Planet

Stranded in alien planet, you need to find your crew while trying to survive and contact the earth

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