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Survival Space: Unlimited Shooting

Steam Video Games Windows

This is a classic 2d aircraft shooting game. You can use the asdw button on the keyboard to control the movement direction of your ship, and use the mouse to control the direction of the aircraft’s firing to attack the enemy. You need to face a group of enemy planes and bosses coming and going, looking for proper living space and getting various rewards.You can choose various types of bullets to attack enemies, such as: multiple bullets, circular bullets, quick bullets ,laser. The game will randomly generate all types of enemy aircraft and enemy aircraft flight path, so every game you can experience different stimuli and fun. This game can record your highest score, so you need to work hard to break through your highest record.

– Small Enemy and Boss Enemy aircraft have 110 different flight paths
– There are tracked enemy aircraft and bullet-fired enemy aircraft
– There are several bullet types for myship picks
– Infinite loop level
– Can record the highest score
– Fluorescent effects and beautiful explosion effects
– Enemy opportunities advance in a neat queue
– boss has 12 kinds of bullets
– Myship There are two different laser weapons

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Survival Space: Unlimited Shooting

This is an interesting shooting game. You need to use a variety of weapons to attack the enemy and survive.

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