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Surviving in the forest

Steam Video Games Windows

In this game you start alone in a huge open map, located in a forest. You’ve got an ax, prepared to collect things like stones, wood and other resources, use these resources to build a house and other things necesary for surviving.

Coming soon:

-Various tools as well as various ways to use it.

-Diferent materials to collect, transform and use.

-You can choose between some different buildeable structures.

-Huge map where you have the liberty to make decisions and go wherever you wish.

-Good graphis with excelent performance

Explore the world to discover all its secrets and keep constructing.

How to play:

W-A-S-D to move.

Mouse to direct the camera.

Left click to use the ax.

Left click to build (near to something buildeable)

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Surviving in the forest

A game based on surviving in a open world map, a big forest full of materials to achieve the goal, survive. Collect materials, transform them, build your house, explore....

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