sWORDMASTER is a spelling game that offers four different game modes:

  • Adventure mode:
    The adventure mode contains 25 levels with increasing difficulty.
    Every enemy slain in the adventure mode will provide the player both gold and experience. Therefore should you feel a bump in the difficulty, you can always go back and repeat some of the previous levels to catch up.

    Beating every 5th level(5th,10th etc) will unlock a fairy to help you in your journey.
    Fairies provide unique buffs to your charachter, such as increased drop rate for potions or chance to stun enemy with each attack.
    These faithful companions will earn experience with your character and can be leveled up twice, increasing their bonuses.

    Each level on normal difficulty offers 4 medals should you complete the requirements.

  • New Game+:
    New Game+ offers the ability to replay the 25 levels of the adventure mode. This time around your enemies are buffed and create a greater challenge.
    Each level on plus difficulty also offers 4 medals.There are two more medals which don’t depend on the difficulty, making a total of 10 medals to collect for each level.
  • Endurance: Unlimited enemies, getting stronger as you slain them.
  • Against the clock: Type as many words as you can in a given time. Alternatively you can set a custom time and relax, trying to beat your personal best.

Personalized Difficulty

A spelling game can be both very easy or very difficult depending on your proficiency in the language. sWORD MASTER allows you to alter the difficulty however you like and you still get to unlock achievements!

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sWORDMASTER is a spelling game which aims to provide a good time to both the casual players and the ones that like to take on some challenges. Sit back and start spelling while listening to the calm music the game provides.

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