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Symploké: La Leyenda de Gustavo Bueno (Capítulo 1)

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Fermin Games, a new spanish company of videogames, now presents its opera prima: "Symploke: Legend of Gustavo Bueno", a classic point-and-click adventure game which is also divided into several chapters.

Put in the mixer "The secret of Monkey Island" and the daily life of a mad Spanish University. There you are, as Benito Retamosa, such a lazy, cheeky student, more interested in partying than in reading Aristotle. On your adventures through College, you will have to meet Mr. Gustavo Bueno, an ancient master of Philosophy you will need to overcome your mission.

All texts in game are translated into English but the spanish voices have been left as they were, to provide the player with an atmosphere as close as possible to the original version. Soundtrack is funny as well and all graphics have been designed with Microsoft Paint. What else do you need to be told to download this work and immerse yourself in the magical world of a engagingly roguish hero?

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Symploké: La Leyenda de Gustavo Bueno (Capítulo 1)

Did you like Sierra and Lucasarts point-and-click adventure games? If the answer is YES, You will love "Symploke: Legend of Gustavo Bueno" FOR SURE!!
Set in the Philosophy Department of a mad -but realistic- Spanish University, "Symploke: Legend of Gustavo Bueno" will make you live the adventures of Benito Retamosa, a lazy student who is going to be involved in a plot of mystery. Only an ancient master can help you to overcome your mission.

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