Real-time strategy and shooter. Army, Navy and Air Force. Modern warfare.
(The game requires an Internet connection.)
Game features:

– Play against an AI with different difficulty levels.
– Battles ashore, at sea and in the sky.
– 7 singleplayer maps
– Real-time combat.
– Dynamic campaign where your performance matters.
– Capture the enemy’s bases.
– Get reinforcements on each base.
– Near the bases, all units are being repaired.
Capture the base before destroying enemy units and get repairs to your units.
The aircraft must land on the aerodrome for repair.
-The enemy units are returning for repairs themselves. You can send your units for repairs too.
-There is a patrol mode for each unit.
-Spies of the enemy are watching your army. Change routes to deceive them.
– Hall of Fame.
(The default difficulty level is easy. But you can change it in the menu)

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