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Tale of Fallen Dragons

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English version is in translation and will come soon!


Long time ago, there were nine sons born from Legendary Dragon.

These untamed dragons had bullied around and caused massive damage to the land since their birth. To end this chaos, the descendants of Five Elder Tribes joined together and released a powerful imprison spell. Finally, the dragons were defeated and kept under the Fallen Dragons Temple.

Those stories of nine dragons slowly faded from people’s memory after several decades. Yet in the dungeon beneath the Fallen Dragons Temple, a new legend just begun…

Game Features
is a Roguelike game based on ancient Chinese story. In the game you will experience:
—-More than 100 different items, which will have even more combinations.
—-Randomly generated maps, every battle is a new challenge.
—-Various sons of the Dragon, none of them is the same, and none of them is like the Dragon you have ever known.

After we finished our last game, we`re considering how to make something special on Chinese Culture.
In other games and comics, such as Kongfu and the Four famous novels are already very common to see. But there is still a lot to be discovered.

Finally, we choose “Artifact” as our theme, and make our story based on “Nine sons of the Dragons”.

So, here comes Tale of Fallen Dragons, a different Chinese style game.

Hope you`ll enjoy it.

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Tale of Fallen Dragons

Tale of Fallen Dragons is a dungeon crawler game with roguelike elements. Deep under the Fallen Dragons Temple, you`ll discover the truth of mysterious Five Elder Tribes and the secrets of the past.
The story is based on the ancient Chinese Story "Nine sons of the Dragon".

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