Chat with Saki!

Input keywords, ask questions, or simply check in on Saki to see how she’s doing!

Saki is the active type. She is in her school’s track and field club and loves spending time outdoors.


  • Introduction: Saki would like to know more about you. Answer some simple questions so the two of you get to know each other better!
  • *new* Colored Keywords: The keywords are now colored! This makes it easier to know what to talk about.
  • Time: Time passes in Saki’s world. The things she has to say differ depending on the time of the day, or the time of year.
  • On / Off: Weekdays are divided between school and club activities. Saki likes to spend her weekends outdoors.
  • Locations: Being the active, outgoing type, Saki likes to spend her time in different locations. The keywords and conversation in general can vary by location.
  • Aya: Saki and Aya are good friends! They have known each other since middle school. Saki might mention her from time to time.
  • Random Numbers: Just like Aya, Saki can come up with a random number for you.

~Play a little bit every day~

You should let Saki sleep from time to time. She might have some new things to tell you the next time you start the app and talk to her! Some topics can only be fully discussed over several days.

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Talk to Saki

Chat with Saki!

Input keywords, ask questions, or simply check in to see how she's doing!

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