This game offers countless hours of exciting pixel fun. Find out how long you can survive this crazy race!


  • A difficult race putting your concentration to test
  • Joyful setting
  • Simple yet addictive gameplay and controls
  • Various interesting characters to choose from

In this game, you have to fight for your life. And this is said without exaggeration you are constantly being chased by a massive boulder, aiming to squish you into a pancake. At the same time you are going to face various insidious obstacles, such as thorns, bottomless pits of doom, quicksands, huge pyramids full of traps and more! You will never know what you are going to encounter next. Even with all these dangerous obstacles blocking your way, you still stand a chance by turning away in time, as long as you avoid the unknown depths of the abyss. As a validated adventurer, your goal alongside surviving is to collect treasures in the form of coins, which can be spent on unlocking new heroes and various outfits for your favorite adventurer.

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Temple Escape

A simple and fun arcade game in which you can become a real adventurer, escaping from mortal danger. Aid your explorer and help him escape the ancient temple!

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