Warning: Teratini VR encourages physical movements that require you to play responsibly and carefully. Always move within the play area boundaries and below the ceiling height. Shiny Moss is not responsible for any damages or injuries caused while playing this game.

In an age long past, Teratini teemed with many wondrous creatures. The most amazing were the dragons, whose magic bestowed peace and prosperity for countless generations. But dark forces secretly plotted their downfall. When Teratini was less guarded, invaders opened portals and vile creatures sprang forth to smite the land, whither the trees, and drive good things away.

The prophecies foretold of a great mage who would someday fight alongside dragons to restore the land and drive away the invaders. With this tiniest hope, the guardians of the realm used the last of their magic to build a secret place high above. There, they hid the most powerful weapons and few remaining dragons and waited.

Designed for virtual reality, Teratini VR is a physical game experience where you and your dragon bring life back to Teratini with staff and shield. A simple one button control handles all your actions whether you are moving, tasking your dragon, attacking enemies, or scaling cliffs. You’ll need to use all your skills, strength, and stamina to succeed in the quest to restore Teratini.

Neat Stuff

  • Weapons include staff, shield and dragons.
  • Start in the Sanctuary to pass the three trials before the main quest. Great for workouts or trying new moves.
  • Five dragons to choose from and nurture. Hone their abilities among speed, wisdom, endurance, power, and healing.
  • Many enemy variations, abilities, and attack formations.
  • Freedom to move around, search, and explore.

Things to know before you buy or try

  • Easy to start, but the learning curve can be steep.
  • Lots of physical movement. Can be a workout until learning to play more efficiently.
  • Not the best game if you are sensitive to heights.

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Teratini VR

In this VR only game, restore life to the land of Teratini, which has been ravaged by invaders. Choose a dragon companion to fight against giant creatures who will stop at nothing to make the land barren. Nurture your dragon and learn new skills to suit your playing style as you use staff, shield, and wand to save Teratini.

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