Teria. 3D action adventure game for fans of science fiction.

The Mission Control Center on Earth received a distress signal from a human settlement on a planet Teria in the constellation Vertiks. Teria – rocky planet with the beginnings of the soil and a small amount of water.
On Teria there is nothing remarkable, if not for the huge reserves of rare metal Critius, used to create a super strong metal structures. Critius – more expensive than gold and platinum combined.
Settlers from Earth which founded a colony engaged in mining Critius for the sale. Instead Critius settlers buying goods and mechanisms necessary for life. Teria is far from stellar paths, so the planet is usually no visits.
However, June 17, 2143 the Crisis Center of the Central Space Agency received from the planet Teria a distress signal, which was sent to Alex.
Alex – a private detective, who was at that time in the area of Teria planet. During the landing of his space ship was attacked and destroyed by unknown persons. To survive, Alex has to get to the truth …

A game.
You are Alex. Step by step, receiving instructions from the station robot (it should be above all to find), you have to clean Teria from Morths (this bio-robots designed in the form of a zombie dog).
You will meet with Aliens, learn why an unknown planet was suddenly in the middle of the bloody events.
On Teria you will find everything you need – different weapons, applicable in different situations, medical kits, generators of protective field, a lot of different devices, necessary for survival. You will have to skillfully apply all this in order to survive and to ultimately save Teria settlers.

The game is designed in the form of the series, which will be released episode by episode. The current release includes games Episode №1, which is called the "Home of salvation." Customers who purchase the game now will receive free all the new episodes of the game without changing the price.
Next Episode №2 «Cosmodrome" will be released in March 2017.

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Teria. Action quest game for fans of science fiction. Private detective Alex receives a distress signal from a small planet Teria. However, when landing his starship was attacked of unknowns. To survive Alex need to get to the truth...

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