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Tesla: The Weather Man

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The triumph of alternating current has sent Edison into a violent rage. It’s up to you, Nikola Tesla, to stop him and his army of DC-powered robots. Dodge bullets and solve physics-based puzzles in an absurd historical parody platformer.

Unlock experimental technologies to manipulate the environment:

  • Pull ions from the earth and sky to make lightning strike on your command
  • Levitate boxes and other objects to solve puzzles
  • Summon a downpour to flood valleys and short-circuit robots
  • Focus the sun’s rays to evaporate lakes in seconds
  • Freeze water to make ice you can walk across or levitate


  • 29 hand-painted levels
  • 6 kinds of devious robots and a final showdown against Edison himself
  • Researchable perks and upgrades including slow motion, deadly sun rays, and the ability to levitate enemy robots
  • Multiple solutions to most puzzles
  • Fully-voiced cutscenes and tutorial
  • Experimental level editor

Prove once and for all that you are the true greatest man of science!

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Tesla: The Weather Man

Wield weather control powers to defeat a crazed Thomas Edison and his army of DC-powered robots, in a physics-based action/puzzle platformer with researchable upgrades and bad jokes.

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