Thanksgivingistry is a 3D match 2 puzzle game in "The Istry" series. Rotate a cube of cubes in three dimension with a swipe of your finger and tap cubes that look the same to make them pop and disappear. There are 19 modes of play that are sure to entertain with more modes to come.

Unique to The Istry on Steam is "Dual Mouse Local Multiplayer". When playing in local multiplayer modes, you and your family and friends will be able to plug in two mice to the same PC and play with or against each other at the same time on the same screen. Compete head to head or work hand in hand to climb the leaderboards together!

Key Features:

Fun and relaxing 3D match 2 puzzle game play.
19 different game modes with more modes to come.
Dual mice local multiplayer modes.
Steam achievements and leaderboards.

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Manipulate a cube of cubes in 3 dimensions and match identical cubes to make them disappear! Whether by yourself or with friends and family, Thanksgivingistry is guaranteed to deliver hours of relaxing holiday fun!

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