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The 13th Heir – Ragnarok Chapter 2

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A long time ago the world was at peace, war had ceased however mankind’s senseless need to expand and explore lead to a dark turn of events. In the year 2034 mankind under a single government had established a wormhole device and caught their first glimpse into another world. What they saw would change them forever, demons leaked out and corrupted the world the central government fell and so did mankind. The few survivors decided to hide in the demons world where they came from and found a world ruled by magic. 2000 Year later mankind established themselves and fought back eventually overthrowing the demon king and his army. With the world at peace and the demons losing their foothold mankind resorted back to their old habits and started to divide themselves this gave the new demon king a platform to launch his attack.

In the year 4056 technology hasn’t been able to reach its old peak as the former humans have since died with their knowledge magic now rules the world, and soon the demon king might.

The Second game in the Ragnarok Series
In the Ragnarok series each game comes together to tell a single story but also their own individual story!

-The 13th Heir Features a classic RPG turnbased Battle System.
-Dynamic class system with class evolution
-Choose from dozens of weapons for each class!
– A cast of 7 characters!
-A choice system that will affect the outcome of the game.

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The 13th Heir – Ragnarok Chapter 2

Kasei has no idea who he is or what he's doing but his old friend Uline seems to think he's destined to stop the demon king Irvein. from indie dev Samuel Swartout comes his debut game The 13th Heir

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