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The Adventures of Captain Potato

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The Adventures of Captain Potato is a platform/adventure game which takes place in a fantasy world featuring cartoon-style art, a team of unique characters working, fighting and growing together, and their mission in common to save the world from the malevolent force that threatens to destroy it!

Take control of Potato, a young hamster from Potato Village, as he journeys into a colourful land made of various landscapes, from a secluded forest to the guts of an active volcano, through tropical islands and even into a cursed graveyard, all the while using his powers and those of his crew to fight the Queen’s evil army and confront the mad monarch herself!

But why did the Queen, once benevolent and loved by all, become evil? Why is she invading her own villages and fighting her own people? What might happen to the realm if you fail…?

Only a small part of all intended content is currently playable in alpha version. More coming as we keep updating it.


  • Various ambiences with their own unique atmospheres
  • Puzzles and challenges to solve in order to proceed
  • A variety of differing magical abilities, acquired as you progress through the game
  • Story-line driven progression and character story development
  • Ability development
  • Real-time combat
  • Unlockable parkour moves to jump around the world in style!
  • Early concept art to be found around the game

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The Adventures of Captain Potato

Potato, a young hamster, grew up dreaming of becoming a hero. When his village is suddenly invaded by the Queen's army and his friends are captured, he must journey into an increasingly corrupt land with his friend Julius, help those in need, fight to rescue his friends and save his realm!

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