The Archotek Project focuses on a multiplayer experience, giving you the chance to play with other people on dedicated servers.
Play as 1 of 9 dinosaur species and explore various exotic locations on a map of your choice, role-play with your friends and create your own stories or stick to the basics of PvP and get involved in deadly fights with other players.

The Early Access Game Includes

3 Different Maps


A massive map, which includes several tropical islands.

Green Valley

A small map for players, who don’t like exploring and just want to meet up with other people or have less powerful PC builds.

Aran Desert

A medium sized map, which represents a large desert surrounded by canyons and several oases.

9 Playable Animals

Archaeopteryx, Coelophysis, Deinonychus, Gallimimus, Psittacosaurus, Stegosaurus, Styracosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus.

Game Modes

“Be the Dinosaur”

Planned Content in Full Game

Game Modes

‘Ecosystem’ is a game mode focused around the creation and maintenance of animals in an environment designed by the player. Unique items can be placed to create a detailed habitat that can effectively satisfy the needs of each animal within your ecosystem by generating in-game points. Manipulating the DNA and genomes can drastically change the appearance, behavior, and stats of animals in your ecosystem.


‘Sandbox’ allows players to push the boundaries of their creativity with all of the game’s content unlocked.

Be the Dinosaur:

‘Be the Dinosaur’ allows players to roam free within custom or pre-made maps as one of several animal types. This game mode can be customized to support a survival experience involving a dynamic thirst, hunger and health system, AI creatures, and more.

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The Archotek Project

The Archotek Project focuses on a multiplayer experience, giving you the chance to play with your friends or with new people on dedicated servers. Play as the dinosaur as you explore vibrant and exotic locations within the game, taking control of unique species from the fossil record.

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