You astral hero who came to defeat the evil! Each time engaging in battle, the hero changes his appearance, weapons. Pick up bonuses that will help you in battle… and try to hold out a little longer.
Get ready because you will find a truly challenging game! It’s not as easy as it seems. Be vigilant because the enemies come out of everywhere and ready to kill you.


Get ready for destruction! The enemies are so severe that out of all places where possible!

Use abilities,first aid kits,bombs,shields to survive as long as possible in the arena.

Astral collect coins to beat your personal record!

Dynamic soundtrack will help you to plunge into the game and will give the whirlwind of new experiences!


I made every effort to improve the game to superiority. So with your comments and I will do my best to make the game more interesting and dynamic!
Besides, soon I’ll make more of different functions and content.

  • There will be achievements added
  • Will be added to the leaderboard
  • There will be more locations and traps
  • There will be new enemies and characters and mini bosses

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The Astral Hero

Immerse yourself in the astral world where you expect fierce enemies ready to tear you to shreds!Be careful any wrong move can lead you to death!

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