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The Balloonist: Beyond the Clouds.

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The balloonist is a single player, 3D, exploration game. Where you build and expand upon a balloon. As you fly trough the air from island to island.
Currently there is no story mode nor ending to the game.

At the beginning of the game you start out by rebuilding your balloon with the parts you find near your crashed balloon.
Then by use off gas you can ignite the burner and take of. (by using termaldynamic system)
While flying and being pushed by the wind you can try and land on islands that float all around you.
On these islands you can find more building parts to expands upon your flying creation.
But be careful for at night creatures comes out that can harm you can fend them off with your trusted double barrelled flintlock pistol

In game items includes: Floor, Railings, Walls, Stairs, Chests, Propellers. controller block, gas bottles small medium and big, balloon base , Slow medium and fast burners, flintlock pistol

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The Balloonist: Beyond the Clouds.

Imagine a Balloon that you Build yourself. By which you can then fly towards islands that float in the sky, Where you can gather resources to build and grow your balloon. Or build a base. It all up to you.

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