It’s late, and you are fast asleep. As you adjust in the night, you can’t shake the feeling something is wrong.

Bleakly, as you wake up and squint your eyes, you not only realize your teddy bear is missing, but something seems to be writing on the chalkboard…

Play as a young child who must venture and trial through the boogeyman’s games to retrieve their lost comfort. Roam an eerie house that evolves as the "games" progress, with multiple frightening events and mechanics to ensure a challenging night terror. With each passing bell the game progressively alters, not only intensifying the efforts of the boogeyman and limiting your resources, but drains your courage as you seek your frightened bear. Do you have what it takes to find your teddy?

– interactive, evolving environment
– sound based events
– dark and eerie

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The Bedtime Story

It's almost 3 AM, dead time, with no teddy bear in sight. Is the house really this big? Or is it just the way the boogeyman's shadows creep through the halls... Teddy, where are you? Find out by playing The Bedtime Story.

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