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The Bounty: Deluxe Edition

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The Bounty blends gameplay styles from traditional JRPGs, Roguelikes, and puzzle games, while adding a deep score system to drive the experience further. Players explore top-down levels full of monsters, hazards, secrets, and treasures. Battles are kept simple with and ebb and flow, resembling the traditional style of Dragon Quest. Your character’s attributes level up the way you choose; coupled with balanced gear options, you get an equally challenging, balanced experience while playing your character your way.

In the Story Mode, the player selects their difficulty level, names their character (including secret avatars via codes), and begins their journey through a concise adventure across four episodes. Some levels, treasures, riddles, and monsters are shuffled in each playthrough. This adds variety while retaining the experience of learning the game and maps.

In Casual Mode, the score system is disabled, and the player gains the ability to save freely, including an autosave feature. This mode lets the player enjoy the game at their own pace, and practice to score higher in Competitive Mode.
Competitive Mode is the more difficult primary game mode, with each monster, puzzle, treasure, and secret awarding points. With hundreds of scenarios, secrets, and bonuses, players have a virtually endless challenge awaiting them to get the highest score. Furthermore, completing the game opens Endless Dungeon +, allowing the player to play in the Endless Dungeon with their existing character, pushing their score to never-ending heights.

The Endless Dungeon is also selectable as a separate mode. In this mode, players begin with a full loadout of gear and journey through a never-ending, always-changing dungeon. This is the perfect mode to play when you want to get in a quick game but you’re short on time!

​What’s new about the Steam Deluxe Edition?

Fully expanded, retooled, and remastered
Practice Mode- Freely save your progress in this scoreless non-competitive mode. Includes autosave feature.
​Endless Dungeon Mode- begin with a full load of equipment and items, and head into the ever-changing dungeon. Get as many floors in, and as high of a score as you can!
Endless Dungeon +, which when playing on Competitive Mode, allows you to enter an endless dungeon after completing the main game, giving endless challenges and opportunities to blast your scores into the stratosphere.

Multiple Dungeon Background Graphics Options
New Cinematics
Saleable Gems-Which can be fused together to increase value, adding a new layer to your scoring strategy.
Updated Death Messages
New Scoreboard link/faster weblauncher
HUNDREDS of New Secrets, Traps, and Puzzles
New Gear
Increased Player Speed
Dash Button
Several new playable character skins
Revamped 16-bit style graphics
New and Remixed/Remastered Music
50% longer Story Mode
New hidden Extras
New Monsters
Fully compatible with keyboard, mouse, and controller support

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The Bounty: Deluxe Edition

The Bounty is a retro-inspired competitive RPG, with an East meets West approach, deviously combined with an arcade high score sensibility. An experience that will challenge your wits as you push to survive, uncover a multitude of secrets, and earn the high score.
The Bounty is sometimes funny, and sometimes brutal; full of introspective and smashing the fourth wall. It's in essence, an arcade-like RPG. A fast, streamlined experience with no experience levels to grind, no random encounters. You'll journey through the four episodes, each with many elements that can vary randomly, with the simple goal of clearing the game and scoring as high as you can.

Gameplay consists of exploration, quick yet brutal battles, traps, treasures, secrets, puzzles, riddles; and more. The Bounty packs a lot of variety into it's levels, while staying cohesive. In addition to the Competitive story mode, there's Practice- which removes the scoring element, but helps you to master the game with a variety of perks including autosave, an item to freely save progress, and a special powerful item.

Want a change of pace? Head into Endless Mode; begin with a full load of equipment and items, and head into the ever-changing dungeon. Get as many floors in, and as high of a score as you can!

With free add-on Episodes and Endless Dungeon packs post-launch, new challenges will continue to await you.

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